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Scrap Cars Wanted for Cash in West Bromwich

West Bromwich MOT Failures & Write offs brought

We make it so easy to Scrap your unwanted car in West Bromwich. If you need to get rid of an unwanted scrap vehicle, you are in the right place. We are always removing scrap cars in West Bromwich and buying them for cash from their owners. Its a win-win situation! There is no need to be concerned with the condition of the car as we will happily collect old cars, rusted cars, sorn’d cars, mot failures, damaged cars and write offs in West Bromwich. All you need to do to get rid of your unwanted or unsightly scrap car in West Bromwich, is fill in the form on this site, or give us a call


Car ScrappageScrap Your Car West Bromwich

Scrap your car for cash in West Bromwich using our local waste carriers who will quote and collect your car from a location of your choice. Your scrap car will be removed from West Bromwich free of charge and depolluted at an Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF where pollutants such as liquids and mercury are removed...

It is so quick and easy to scrap your car with us. Just one call to our hotline will put you in touch with one of our friendly advisors who will take a few details on your car and put you in contact with a licensed waste carrier in West Bromwich. All of our scrap car collectors are licensed and can legally scrap vehicles in the UK.


Scrap CarCar Disposal West Bromwich

Call us today on 07766 797352 or free on 0800 002 9733 or fill in our online form to receive your free, no obligation quote. Our friendly operators are waiting to hear from you today! Worried about the condition of the car? We take scrap cars in almost all conditions, including:

  • Non Runners
  • MOT Failures
  • SORN'd cars
  • Write Offs
  • Rusted Cars
  • Crashed Cars
  • Old Vehicles

Call us on 07766 797352 or Free on 0800 002 9733 or fill in the online form to receive your free, no obligation quote.

Cash for Scrap Cars West Bromwich

Scrap car prices fluctuate regularly in West Bromwich due to the constant changing values of steel, the main recyclable component in cars. Call us today and see how much your unwanted scrap car is worth today! And remember, you don’t have to pay for anything as there are never any hidden costs, admin fees or cancellation fees.

Money for Cars West Bromwich

It is difficult to keep up to date with the current price. As the scrap metal prices fluctuate on almost a weekly basis, there is no easy way of keeping up to date with scrap car prices as they are affected by so many different factors. The best thing that we can suggest is that you shop around, but we are confident that you will come back to us as our prices are excellent and our service second to none.

Scrap Car Prices West Bromwich

We can afford to pay top prices for our scrap cars and vans in West Bromwich because we keep our overheads low and keep up-to-date with the fluctuating scrap car prices. We try to work faster and more efficiently than any other scrap car collection company. When we make a saving, we are able to pass this on to you and pay you more for your car. Call us today or fill in the form on this site to get great prices for your West Bromwich scrap vehicle.

What happens to my scrap car?

After scrap car removal, your scrap car is moved to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) near West Bromwich where the car is depolluted. Depollution is the removal off harmful products, fluids, and parts. After depollution has been completed, the remaining parts of your car can be recycled or scrapped safely and in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines.

  • Depollution Details

    During depollution, any parts of the car considered to contain mercury are removed. These parts include the fuel filler cap, oil filter cap and the wheels. After this, the scrap car is drained of all its fluids such as oil and antifreeze. These hazardous waste products must be labelled and disposed of correctly.

  • Scrap Car Removal and Airbags

    Airbags contain explosive elements which must be removed prior to scrapping. Deploying the airbags releases these explosives and once this is complete, fluids are drained and mercury removed, the car is ready to scrap!

    Your scrap car will be taken to an authorised treatment facility for depollution – removal of fluids, mercury, explosives etc. From here, additional plastics and metals can be removed and recycled also. These processes all reduce damage to the environment and help to scrap your vehicle in West Bromwich in an environmentally friendly way. Eventually all cars on our roads will end up in an ATF site for recycling.

  • We scrap your car in an Eco-Friendly Way

    The UK environment agencies work extremely hard to ensure vehicles are scrapped through licensed and legal ATFs and when they find yards that are not legal or registered ATFs, they have clamped down and are fining and closing them down. In some cases, they are even given prison sentences!

  • Scrap My Car for Cash

    We buy any scrap vehicle in any condition. We can collect your car and offer you highly competitive prices. We will remove the car free of charge and pay you! There are no charges incurred to yourself. No admin fees, no cancellation fees, and no hidden charges. So contact us today to scrap you car for cash. Your car will then be legally recycled.