Cash for Cars 

Scrap car prices fluctuate regularly due to the constant changing values of steel, the main recyclable component in cars. Call us today and see how much your unwanted scrap car is worth today! And remember, you don’t have to pay for anything as there are never any hidden costs, admin fees or cancellation fees.

Money for Cars

It is difficult to keep up to date with the current price. As the scrap metal prices fluctuate on almost a weekly basis, there is no easy way of keeping up to date with scrap car prices as they are affected by so many different factors. The best thing that we can suggest is that you shop around, but we are confident that you will come back to us as our prices are excellent and our service second to none.

Scrap Car Prices

We can afford to pay top prices for our scrap cars and vans because we keep our overheads low and keep up-to-date with the fluctuating scrap car prices. We try to work faster and more efficiently than any other scrap car collection company. When we make a saving, we are able to pass this on to you and pay you more for your car. Call us today or fill in the form on this site to get great prices for your scrap vehicle.