Scrap Car Collection

It is of utmost importance that scrap vehicles are disposed of correctly as they contain elements that can be dangerous to the environment. The sheer quantity of cars being scrapped could significantly affect the environment if they were scrapped incorrectly. It is so important that these harmful elements are disposed of correctly. We try to reuse as many recyclable metals and plastics that we extract from the scrap car in order to reduce the total quantity sent to landfill especially now, as landfills are filling up rapidly.

Changes to Scrap Car Collection

There are laws that relate to scrap car collection, transportation, and disposal and these serve to minimise the impact on the environment. So regardless of the condition of your scrap vehicle, they all must be disposed of according to these laws.

Easy Scrap Car Collection

Our scrap car process is so easy and stress free. All of our scrap car collectors carry a waste carriers license so you can be reassured that your car is legally disposed of. They will help you to understand the legal and environmental aspects of the scrap car process. We use established Authorised Treatment Facilities so they car scrappage process is legal and eco-friendly.